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Floor convectors with forced convection

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Trench Heating convector - a functional, energy efficient heater: relieve you of condensation on the windows, through the establishment of the air curtain, it will warm, and save a panoramic view. Water convector - is the perfect aesthetic solution for residential houses, apartments with "French" windows, stained glass, for shop windows, offices and exhibition centers with a glass facade, winter gardens, balconies with sliding system, as well as for swimming pools and rooms with high humidity.

The operating principle of the convector is that it draws in cool air to the heat exchanger and returns the heated air back into the room, thereby ensuring you minimum temperature difference in the house.


Innovative Technology at Hitte Company, has been developed on the basis of our knowledge and experience




 Precise processing methods and performance enhancements are in accordance with Western European standards as well as a solution to constantly increasing global costs for energy. The Modern, stylish design incorporates space saving technologies, we paid special attention to the aesthetic design aspects complementing interiors of any type. In essence, the product is constructed as a synergy of design and economy, incorporating multi-Functional abilities and technologies. Floor-mounted convectors without fans, made by our company, work using a Thermal process called “convection”. This heat is released mainly in vertical movement of air which is caused by differences in temperatures of its component elements. when in the process of temperature increase the elements move upward. The variety of convectors of Hitte TM can be applied for the heating of living quarters, offices, commercial areas, car showrooms, exhibition halls, hotels and other interiors. This technology is suitable for premises with different kinds of glass walls or windows where the attention is particularly paid to quality, functionality, appearance and modernity.

Energy saving

We use highly energy-efficient fan coil motors
their average consumption

User comfort

The negligible energy consumption makes
fan motor control even easier

Space saver

We are ready to manufacture convectors of
non-standard dimension


We have produced a product that combines the best characteristics and all the possibl



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